Senior Flight Simulator Engineer

Italia - Bergamo

South East Aviation Services S.r.l. (SEAS) is an engineering services company supporting Ryanair’s engineering function in Italy.  SEAS are currently recruiting for Senior Flight Simulator Engineer to join their Engineering department in Italy.

This is an excellent opportunity for somebody to progress their career and gain experience in Europe’s leading airline.

The successful candidate will be based in Bergamo Airport (Bergamo Technical Centre) and will have to perform the following duties:


  • Carry out preventative and corrective maintenance of QTY 2 Level ‘D’ FFS and QTY 1 FTD of B737-800w simulators.
  • Various Training equipment and associated Flight Training Devices to the standards expected by EMT.
  • Perform daily readiness checks to ensure FSTD is ready for daily operation.
  • Maintain Flight Simulator Equipment to EASA CS- FSTD-A Level “D” Standard.
  • Maintain the Quality System in accordance with EASA Requirements.
  • Review and implement aircraft and vendor service bulletins.
  • Install and verify aircraft loadable software.
  • Liaise with aircrew at the technical level on aircraft systems to resolve defects.
  • Liaise with technical inspectors at initial and recurrent qualifications.
  • Liaise with FSTD vendors to rectify defects requiring vendor support.
  • Run and check the scheduled Quality Test Guide (QTG) Tests.
  • Design and embody modifications on the simulators to maintain compatibility with Ryanair fleet using hardware and software engineering skills.
  • Conduct technical defect clearance with nominated flight crew.
  • Conduct a subjective evaluation session of FSTD performance with flight crew.
  • Conduct a subjective evaluation session of a visual database with flight crew.
  • Complete any other tasks that are reasonably required to carry out the daily operation of a Flight Simulator Training Centre




  • Recognised Apprenticeship or Adult Training in electronic, aeronautic and avionic engineering
  • Specialising in Digital Flight Simulation, Complex Digital Data Networking and Process Control using Distributed Micro processing.
  • At least five years’ experience in military and/or civilian Flight Simulation.



If you have the energy and commitment to join our exciting organization, then we want to hear from you!