Alessandro Cianciaruso

Company Director and Accountable Manager

Alessandro is responsible for the company’s Contracts and Financial departments. Coming from an Italian Aviation background, Alessandro has a wide experience in various roles both nationally and internationally.

Herbert Milligan

Company Director and Maintenance Manager

Herbert has the responsibility of the Maintenance and Operational Departments. Having previously worked in various international airlines, Herbert brings this range of knowledge to the company.

Stefania Di Mauro

HR Manager

Stefania takes care of our HR Department and looks after all our recruitment and staff needs. Building on her past expertise in varied sectors, Stefania supports and sustains our company expansion.

Bartolomeo Arrabito

Maintenance Manager

Bartolomeo supports the Maintenance Manager and has the responsibility of several bases in our network. With his enthusiastic energy, Bartolomeo ensures our busy scheduled is delivered on time to our clients.

Francesca Palazzi

Quality Manager

Francesca plays a crucial role in the Company.
Her extensive experience in Quality Management System and her ability to work both independently and within a flexible team environment,
ensure the Company organization’s efficiency maintaining high standard level.

Nick Papafotiou

Ground Operational Regional Manager

Nick oversees our clients’ Ground operations , mainly in Italy and Greece and in the upcoming aviation markets.
His deep knowledge and vast experience ensure the consistent and profitable Company expansion.

Elia Pistola

Ground Operational Regional Manager

Elia supports our client’s operations in Italy’s biggest and busiest airport, Fiumicino. Local knowledge and a vast management history makes Elia a capable figure in one of the more challenging environments where we operate.

Laura Peroni

Base Manager

Laura is responsible for ensuring that Handling Operations run smoothly in several of the destinations and bases of our clients. With her eagerness to ensure success, Laura puts her heart into achieving her goals.

Enrico Malato

Base Manager

Enrico ensures that the Airports and Handling companies provide the agreed standard of service to our clients. Using his diplomatic manner, Enrico effectively generates a positive response from customers and clients alike.

Daniela Perlini

Base Manager

Daniela has recently joined our Ground Operations department enriching the team with her new ideas and her professionalism.
Her competence ensures the expected results and achievements in the Airports’ Handling activities that she supervises.;

Tiziano Bertazzoni

Station Manager

Tiziano supervises some of our bases in Northern Italy, BGY in particular where the major maintenance activities are carried out.
His professional backgroundalong with twenty years of experience ensure smooth and efficient performance.

Donovan Flick

Station Manager

Donovan oversees several of our off-shore bases. With his steady and determined manner, Donovan runs his bases efficiently keeping our high standards in each one.

Alessandro Ciarciaglini

Station Manager

Alessandro runs our Central Italian base, he uses his dynamic attitude and his background in the Aviation Industry to continually yield the results expected

Simone Silvani

Station Manager

Simone supervises some of our outstations both on the Mainland and on the Islands. Simone brings a wealth of experience to SEAS and uses his background in aviation logistics and management to fulfil his role.