Alessandro Cianciaruso

CEO and Part 147 Accountable Manager

Alessandro is responsible for the company’s Contracts and Financial departments. Coming from an Italian Aviation background, Alessandro has a wide experience in various roles both nationally and internationally.

Herbert Milligan

COO and Part 145 Accountable Manager

Herbert has the responsibility of the Maintenance and Operational Departments. Having previously worked in various international airlines, Herbert brings this range of knowledge to the company.

Arianna Suardi

HR Manager

Arianna takes care of our HR Department looking after all our Staff needs.
Thanks to her multifaceted experience she’s able to juggle many tasks at once.
Her strength is to think outside the box.

Bartolomeo Arrabito

Maintenance Manager

Bartolomeo is the main support of the Part 145 Accountable Manager and has the responsibility of all maintenance performed in our network.
With his enthusiastic energy, Bartolomeo ensures our busy scheduled is delivered on time to our clients.
Thanks to his stubbornness he never backs down on thin ice.

Francesca Palazzi

Quality Manager

Francesca has an extensive experience in Quality Management System.
She ensures the Company organization’s efficiency maintaining high standard level.
Within a flexible team environment, Francesca plays a crucial role in the Company.

Alberto Filippini

Store Manager

Alberto oversees the dispatch inspection system ensuring that all the aircraft components and materials are securely stored and shipped on time to regularly allow the maintenance activities.
His store department is the reference point for all the network.
His meticulous approach makes sure he is always on the ball.

Donovan Flick

Standards Supervisor

Donovan oversees several of our off-shore bases.
With his steady and determined manner, Donovan runs his bases efficiently keeping our high standards in each one.

Tiziano Bertazzoni

Station Manager

Tiziano support our Maintenance Manager by supervising BGY base where the major maintenance activities are carried out.
His professional background along with twenty years of experience ensure smooth and efficient performance.
Tiziano uses his wisdom as a main tool to keep up with the busy daily routine.

Alessandro Ciarciaglini

Station Manager

Alessandro runs our Central Italian bases.
He uses his dynamic attitude and his background in the Aviation Industry to continually yield the results expected.

foto Roberto Barbieri station manager

Roberto Barbieri

Station Manager

Roberto supervises the busiest Italian airport: FCO.
He brings a wealth of experience to SEAS and uses his background in Aviation Maintenance and team supervision to fulfil his role.
Thanks to his positive vibes he always weathers the storm.

Foto Alessandro Malgiati station manager

Alessandro Maltagliati

Station Manager

Alessandro applies his calm approach to overseeing the activity in some of our busiest bases.
He ensures that our Client’s KPIs are met in a safe and controlled fashion.
He is always willing to go the extra mile for his team.

Michele Guzza

Station Manager

Michele, being part of SEAS since the very beginning of our journey, deeply knows our needs and he has always supported us in our growth.
His flexibility allows him to deal with different realities supervising bases from Torino to Catania.
The daily challenges are his bread and butter.